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A Covenant School

Partnering With Each Family

For WMCA, a covenant relationship means that the school and the home partner together to raise the child “in the way he should go.” However, it is much more than just a partnership.

What Does it Mean To Be A Covenant School?

As Christians, we are joined to one another through Christ; as such, we are not our own, and our relationship is eternal.

A true covenantal relationship means just as Christ has committed Himself to us, we commit ourselves to Him and one another. The school commits to assist believing parents in bringing up their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

The school and the parents can not and must not replace the universal and local Church, the only institution championed by Christ as our place of training, worship, and accountability. Covenant families will be regular faithful attenders and participators in a local evangelical Church where they feel led to worship.

Our Partnership with Families

We believe that all children are created in the image of God. As the primary educators of your children, parents are called upon to be actively involved as they do homework and continue to ensure diligence and offer support as students mature.

While students are challenged academically, teachers will be encouraged to maintain balanced workloads so students may experience a well-rounded life that includes church attendance, active youth group participation, athletics, fine or performing arts, and serving their community.

A common foundation regarding faith and learning enables our school to be an extension of the Christian home. We seek families that are actively involved in a local body of believers. The goal is not simply head knowledge but a living and active faith that takes root in speech and action.

The Vision of WMCA

We partner with Christian families, churches, and faculty to provide the best Christian education possible for all students and to walk with them as they grow in Christ.