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Upper School

Grades 7 - 12

Middle school serves as the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Forming the heart, soul, mind, and body of a child is the heart of the middle school years. There should be no separation between the intellectual and spiritual development of a child, so we teach for the purpose of soul formation, understanding that all things, including mathematics, science, art, literature, history, and physical education come under the Lordship of Christ. Soul formation requires discipline and training in virtue–the daily work of focusing our affections away from the things of the world toward Christ-likeness in all aspects of our lives.

During these years, students now have the maturity to use the large body of knowledge they possess and are ready to form conclusions and express themselves with eloquence and confidence. Students are taught to communicate their judgments based on facts, research, and earlier connections. They can articulate their arguments in writing and public speaking, enabling them to take their place as scholars and citizens.

  • Algebra I
  • Spanish I
  • World Civilization I
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Physical Education Elective
  • Classical Literature and Composition
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Spanish I, II or III
  • World Civilization II
  • New Testament Survey
  • Physical Education Elective
  • Medieval Literature and Composition
  • Physics
  • Algebra II
  • Civics I, II
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Rhetoric and Debate
  • Physical Education Elective
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Church History and Theology
  • American Literature and Composition
  • TA Elective
  • Discipleship
  • Engineering 102
  • Senior Capstone
  • Science Seminar
  • Fine Arts Elective
  • Spanish I, II, III, IV
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Rhetoric and Debate
  • Civics III, Economics
  • Physical Education Elective
  •  Computer Science Principles
  • College Algebra or Pre Calculus
  •  British/European Literature and Composition

*Classes are subject to teacher availability and class demand.

How Can a Classical Education Help My Child?

Through Classical Education, Students Learn To Think For Themselves.