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We believe God has big plans for providing every Christian family living on the mountain the opportunity to participate in Classical Christian Education.  We are working with qualified professionals in engineering and architecture to lay out a full K-12 campus that can facilitate all the needs of an independent High School and a complete 1A Athletics program.  We understand that in order to attract the most qualified teachers we need to pay them the salaries they would garner at public or quality private institutions.  We adhere to the clear Biblical principal that a “Laborer is worthy of his wages”.  WMCA is excited to partner financially with donors who support our faithful commitment to give back to God a sacrifice of time and resources that honors His requirement to excellence.

Please reach out to [email protected] or (928) 207-6134 to learn how you can support our schools growth.

What Are The Benefits of a Classical Education?

The covenant relationship means that our school and the Christian home commit, together and in tandem, to raise the child "in the way he should go."